Q & A with

Vishen Lakhiani

What is the relationship with science and spirituality? What about the "woo-woo" and how to to balance "Working on Yourself with ENJOYING Yourself?" - Vishen Lakhiani answer audience questions.

Guided Meditation

with Charlie Morley

Want to get lucid? Want to remember your dreams? Do this meditation! Best-Selling Author & International Lucid Dreaming Teacher, Charlie Morley leads this guided meditation to connect with your dreamer and plant the seeds of lucidity in your waking state. 

Bonus Q & A

with Jaiya

Award-winning intimacy expert, Jaiya, answers audience questions like: - How do you talk about this in a new relationship? - When should you start teaching your kids? - What would she change about the way schools education us? 

Bonus Q & A

with Dr Hyman

In this special bonus, Dr Hyman answers: - What does a "cheat" meal do?

- Why does wheat make us sick now, when people have eaten it for centuries and been ok?

- What pots & pans should we use?

- What is Regenerative Agriculture??

Dr Hyman on


Dr Mark Hyman, 12 times NYT Best-selling Author, Functional Medicine Doc & Host of the Doctor's Pharmacy Podcast, talks through some of the physical causes and cures for depression.