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Comedy. Consciousness.


Comedy. Consciousness. Conversation.

Join Host & Comedian, Mia Lux, and her expert guests as they take on Humanity's hottest topics; Depression, Health, Sex, Self-Love & More!  

Season One, featuring Marisa Peer, Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Andrea Pennington, Jaiya, Charlie Morley & Vishen Lakhiani.

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Ep 2: WTF Should We Eat?

feat. Dr Mark Hyman

37min 26sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

The hardest choice we make every day? What to EAT!?  


The struggle is real... Sugar Addiction. Diet Wars. Food mis-labelling!!!


To clear up the confusion, Dr Mark Hyman (Functional Medicine Physician, 12 Times NYT Best-Selling Author & Host of the Doctor’s Farmacy) walks us through what to eat for the health of our bodies, communities and the planet.

38min 49sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

Depression is officially at epidemic levels, dramatically impacting hundreds of millions of lives... and yet, we STILL ain't talking about it!?

Watch this important episode as Mia Lux and Top Therapist, Marisa Peer have the crucial conversation about what it is, and what can be done.

And... how to keep a sense of humor along the way.

Ep 1: The Depressi-demic

feat. Marisa Peer

Ep 3: [Self] Love

feat. Dr Andrea Pennington

Is Self-Love just a new-age, woo woo trend? Or, could it be a radical act of defiance? Get the laughs and the low-down on the most important relationship we have - the one with ourselves.


Featuring Best-Selling Author and Self-Love specialist, Dr Andrea Pennington.

35min 6sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

Ep 4: Sex-pression

feat. Jaiya

36min 29sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

How good are you at asking for what you want in the bedroom? Do you even know what you want? Why is even just talking about sex so... awkward!?

This episode blasts through the taboos and explores meaningful, juicy, sexual expression.


Featuring Award-Winning Sexologist,  Speaker + Author, Jaiya.

Ep 5: Lucid Dreaming

feat. Charlie Morley

34min 40sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

This episode reveals a powerful pathway to spiritual & psychological revelation used by Tibetan monks for millennia, and available to everyone at any time - Lucid Dreaming!


Charlie Morley, Lucid Dreaming Teacher & Best-Selling Author, shares the why's and HOW to get lucid in a special extended interview, filmed at the Deepak Chopra Homebase in NYC.

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FREE Bonuses: 

Bonus Q & A with Vishen Lakhiani

+Guided Meditation with Charlie Morley

+ Extra Q & A with Jaiya

+ 2 bonus videos with Dr Mark Hyman

Get the show as soon as it's out, plus free access to the ISH Bits Page (where all the extra interviews, meditations, & MORE will go!)

Ep 6: Becoming Extraordinary

feat. Vishen Lakhiani

42min 37sec   |   English   |   Produced by EOTI Studios

How much of our lives are we just on autopilot? How do we break free from unhelpful social expectations... from "Brules" (B.S. Rules!) and create a truly meaningful, rewarding, extraordinary life?


Featuring Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley & Best-Selling Author of "Code of the Extraordinary Mind".

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